Six Two Design, drafting, building design, house additions and renovationsThere are several steps to my design process:


This is your chance to communicate your vision. You may have a hazy plan or – after years of dreaming – have a very specific vision in mind. Bring along your doodlings, other designs that appeal to you or simply your ideas. We’ll discuss the scope of your project and your budget. If it’s a renovation or addition, I will also measure up your existing building at this stage.


Your vision takes shape in the sketch design phase. I use the information gathered from our meeting to create a graphic representation of your vision. You’ll receive a PDF of your plans and have the opportunity to view them in 3D from a 360 degree perspective.


There are two parts to this step, which can be done at the same time or separately, depending on the nature of your project.

  1. Planning Consent:
    Drawings for planning consent are created to ensure your council supports the type of development you propose to undertake. These drawings show the council’s planning department WHAT you want to build, WHERE it will be situated and HOW it will appear within its surroundings. They include plans and elevations showing details such as cladding materials, colour schedules, site works and drainage systems.
  2. Building Rules Consent:
    These drawings include even more technical information, such as timber sizes and set outs, plumbing and septic systems. They provide council with all the technical building information required to satisfy the Building Code of Australia. This step can also involve liaising with engineers as required within your project and all of the energy efficiency details are documented, such as floor, wall and roof insulation and glazing information. Much of this information is presented in a separate specification document and submitted to council with the set of drawings.




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